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I’m a really creative person and I occasionally get asked “why are you doing this?” or told “you should be doing something more creative.” The first few times this happened I would got a little upset inwardly and had some self doubt about my choice to become a cabi stylist instead of going the indie route. Now when this happens I OWN it! I look at it as an opportunity to educate them about the value of what I provide and the amazing value and service my favorite fashion tool, cabi provides.

I’ve transformed myself from a closet fashionista into an image stylist. I help women from all over the country own their style. What this means is that I help them find the heart of their style so they can look and feel beautiful where they are right now, every day and escape from the frustrations and anxiety that come with shopping, planning and dressing. Not everyone I work with shops cabi, some ladies just opt for the Every Day Best Style Assessment or the Wardrobe Re-Style.

I chose cabi, because it is a company created by women for women.  The age range of the clothing is from teenagers to grandmothers and every woman in between.  The clothes look phenomenal on our bodies. The collections are designed for mixing and matching, so we can create endlessly and with inspiration.  I love cabi and the entrepreneurial journey it has inspired me to take, and I know that the product I stand behind, stands behind me.

So what it a fashion experience? It is a way to say goodbye to the boredom of shopping online, and the stress of shopping at the mall – sit back, relax and enjoy the Fashion Experience.This video says it all!

Enjoy, xoxoxo


This video shows the true essence of that empowering feeling we experience when we get together with friends. Ladies, it really is all about the relationships!