The signature Style Assessment is an amazingly quick way for you to begin creating or continuing to refine your signature style, so that you can be in control of what your image is saying about you. The end goal is always to work towards a wardrobe in which each piece is mindfully selected and useful for many seasons and occasions. Free if you book Wardrobe Re-Style or 3-Step Signature Program.

Do you have a speaking engagement or important meeting coming up?  Are you wanting your outfit to be fabulous?  Then lets spend some time and make it rock, so you can walk on stage knowing your first impression will be one you intend it to be.

In 2 to 2.5 hours we will transform your wardrobe.  Working together we eliminate, re-organize, and re-style your clothing.  When we are finished your closet will be full of wearable stylish outfits using what you already have. We will create: A Style Tree and a Shopping Cart card.  The Style Tree will be created to inspire and remind you of potential outfits, this can be simple or fancy as you want but will be something to hang on your wall to jog your memory on fuzzy mornings. A Shopping Cart Card is your to find/shop for/be on the lookout for action list.  I can deliver the discards pile to a donation center or to a resale shop.  I will mail you the receipt and or check.

Upon purchase confirmation you will receive a Style Card with a quick description of your signature style and goals.

  1. Wardrobe ReStyle (2-2.5 hrs) as described above.
  2. Gather (3 hrs) Using the Shopping Cart Card we can fill in some of the necessary pieces.  Shoes, Accessories, Basics, etc.  I can do it for you or we can plan an outing.  Because we have a fine-tuned and specific list we can focus on the most vital pieces first.
  3. Season Wardrobe ReStyle (2 hrs) It is vital to continually refine your wardrobe, To keep it tuned up and looking its best.  This is essentially the wardrobe Re-Style take two. 

If your procurement needs exceed 3 hours, I can do personal shopping on a case by case basis with a per hour charge.

Which is unlike any other.  Relaxing in the comfort of your home with your girlfriends, a glass of wine, and a image stylist by your side isn’t just a fun way to shop . . . it’s the only way to shop! Cutting through the noise and clutter that is retail shopping. Should you decide to host a CAbi show, I will bring an entire collection with sizes ranging between 0-16.  As a hostess, you will receive a hostess bonus of 50% off of a number of items based on the size of your show.  Hostesses receive 50% off of the Wardrobe Re-Style and the 3 Step Program.

This is fun and easy.  Join me in my home with 2 or 3 girlfriends and enjoy the benefits of the Hostess Bonus.

Work with Me!