A dear friend, and my business coach, Cricket Wingfield recently posted this blog post on her blog about being a leader in your own life. It really resonated with me on many levels since I’m working towards becoming more of a leader in my own business and I’m always striving to be a leader for my kiddos. Here is her blog post, I hope it gives you a little nugget of inspiration as well!

Until a few years ago, I looked outside for leaders. After all, a leader has traditionally referred to someone who commands a group, organization, or country. Unless you are holding a title, you may not see yourself as a leader, but I profess there is one inside of you. A leader is responsible for their world. Showing up, able to respond.

Your world starts with you and extends outward, to the edges of your sphere of influence, to your family, your friends and community, your workplace and beyond. For some, it extends out to the far reaches of the globe. The best leaders have a compelling vision. They see something, and go for it, pulling together energy and resources to get there. They see obstacles as hurdles, not blockades. Start where you are, with yourself.


Show up in the moment, fully here wherever you are, and notice what happens. Pay attention. Take care of yourself first, so you have the strength and vitality to go for it. Do your best, which may be different in every moment. BE the person you want to be. Honor your word. Only make commitments you can keep, or change the agreement, so you stay in integrity. Speak your truth, kindly. Support others who show up in a position of leadership. Honor them with your attention and presence.

cricket-12How you show up affects everyone around you. You are having an impact in your world. Is it the one you want to be having? Be the leader from within, and see how your life transforms. I look forward to reading and replying to your comments below! What is your compelling vision? How are you showing up?

With love,