About Elizabeth

Hello there! I’m Elizabeth. I provide a concierge wardrobe styling service that helps busy professionals feel confident and well-dressed with less time and frustration. With my personalized approach to wardrobe building I keep you looking and feeling stylish and confident. In short, I help show the world your every day best style. 

I love helping you create fashion rules tailored to your lifestyle. I take the work out of livening up your wardrobe, one of the quickest ways to make quickest ways to make noticeable yet lasting life changes. After all, a stunning outfit can put an entire day on the right footing, and a knockout wardrobe can transform your life (and career). Nothing feels as good as owning your personal style and together we can eliminate, re-organize and re-style your closet. As we go we will uncover your personal style, find inspiring ways to mix and match, add color and personality to your wardrobe. By shifting your mindset about your closet we will remove emotional (and actual) baggage and introduce the outfit-changing art of the capsule Wardrobe. By utilizing what you already own and buying strategically you’ll save time and money and dress better with less fuss.

I promise the you wont just change your closet!  You’ll maximize more opportunities, show up with confidence, and feel amazing, in less time and with less stress then you ever thought possible.

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Our Mission

You know your Signature Style will always be evolving as you grow and change. Keeping in touch over the long term can allow us to keep you on track with budget cycles, current trends that apply to real people, and seasonal Wardrobe Re-Styles to stay focused on the end goal which is to look your best every day.

My mission is to help women understand the language of style. It’s not a language of words but a language of messages. You need to pay attention to what messages you’re sending. A fabulous outfit that you love and feel comfortable in sets the tone for your day; it can help put and keep you on track and give you confidence. In many cases it’s not about fashion at all–it’s making sure what you’re wearing is truly a reflection of you.

I believe in long term supportive relationships and that there is always room for change and improvement. It’s not about the way you look, but how you feel. It’s not just the outfit but the style you OWN.

I’ve always known my gift in life was creativity. Knowing how to apply or where to apply that gift has been my challenge. I began my current journey in the fall of 2013. It was a true AHA moment when I realized I’d found that sweet spot in life where my dreams, goals, talents and skills overlap. My purpose is to help women love their clothes not because of how much they cost or the name brand but because of how they make them feel when they put them on. My purpose is to help women truly represent who they are both in work and at home. My purpose is to help and learn how to look our best every day in every way.

Work with Me!